Development Handbook Changelog


This page will contain a list of most of the changes made to the ServiceNow Development Handbook

Since my goal was never to make money directly from the sales of this book (if it were, I'd have picked a wider niche!), I've decided to publish content updates directly within the same edition. This means that rather than asking everyone to pay for a new edition every a couple of months when there is a new platform version to worry about or when the standards are updated, I'll simply keep this edition up-to-date, and make those updates available for free. When a new edition does come out, it will constitute a major update to the content of the book, not minor changes, updates, or additions to the existing content.


If you purchased the a digital edition such as on Kindle, your content should be available for update automatically.
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If you purchased a paperback version rather than a digital version through Amazon, you can buy the Kindle edition for only $2 or $3. You can then just look up the specific changes you might be interested in, by referencing the changelog below.

You are of course also welcome to buy another paperback copy if you have another few bucks to spare, but I've set it up this way in order to make it as easy and cheap as possible for you to get the updates after you've bought the book. 


Second Edition

Version 2.0 - 8/20/18

  • Major updates to the Performance > Query Efficiency > Nested queries and Single-record queries sections

    • Added a lot of new code snippets and examples of the right and wrong ways to do queries.

  • Expanded most chapters slightly to add and clarify information

  • Updated a lot of sections with info on new versions of ServiceNow (Kingston and London)

  • Added Multi-operation section as a sub-section of Performance

  • Added Business Rules & .update() section to Coding Guidelines chapter

  • Added Security chapter and several sub-sections

  • Added Service Portal chapter and several sub-sections

  • Added Reference fields section to the Tables & Columns chapter.

  • Added Performance > Query efficiency > Query specificity section and re-wrote some other content in the Performance section for clarity and better examples.

  • Updated Coding Guidelines > Getting and setting field values section with more information on working with journal fields.

  • Added Testing > Logging section with information about logging in global, and other scopes, as well as the different behaviors of the various logging APIs, logging best-practices, and more.

  • Fixed various formatting bugs, code-block display issues, grammatical/spelling issues, and updated a lot of existing content for clarity, brevity, or humor.

  • Loads more - too much to list!

  • Expect this to be the "current" version for a good while. ;-)

First Edition

Version 1.4 - 2/17/18

  • Added Update Sets and Performance chapters.

    • These chapters cover things like query efficiency, nested queries, query order, table and list performance tips, update set batching guidelines, master update set tips, information about what is and isn't tracked in update sets, and working with scoped records.

  • Moved some sub-chapters around as they fit more neatly into some of the new chapters. Especially took several sections from Coding guidelines, as that section had become quite long.

  • Added a note to the beginning of the book to indicate the version number and information about how to find this change-log.

  • Minor spelling and grammatical corrections

  • Minor text changes to improve clarity

Version 1.3 - 2/12/18

  • Made chapter subtitles and quotes 23.8% funnier.

  • Minor and moderate spelling, grammatical, and clarity updates.

  • Improved spacing between sections, paragraphs, and pages.

  • Fixed some spacing and indentation errors in code snippets, especially in the earlier sections.

  • Updated paperback cover to resolve a copy/pasted spelling error on the back cover.

Version 1.1 - 2/9/18

  • Added Testing chapter, including about 80% new content and 20% content previously from other areas of the book.

  • Updated paperback and Kindle edition covers

  • Lots of spelling and grammar fixes. Mostly very minor, but I'm a pedant. Special thanks to my editors for their help!

Version 1.0 - 2/7/18

  • Initial launch on Kindle!

  • Paperback launched 2/10/18

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