Better, One-Click Approvals

Version 1.1: With templates | Without templates

The way approvals work in ServiceNow by default is that an email goes out, and the user can click a link in the email to approve or reject. That link is generated in the default approval notification template using ${mailto:mailto.approval}. Clicking the link that is generated in the approval email based on this template, will pop up another email on the user's computer. 

However, this only works if they have their system configured to correctly handle mailto href links, and if they received the email using the same program they've configured to handle mailto links, and if they're not using webmail. 

This SN Guys tool, based on this article, allows you to replace the approve/reject links in the standard approval notifications, with One-click approve/reject links. These links (paired with a script that's also included) allow the approving user to click a single link, and be taken to the approval record, where the record is automatically approved or rejected. 

In addition to being easier, the approval/rejection process is done with added security, to validate that the user is indeed the designated approver. This makes it even more secure than the default email-based approvals. 
Who says convenience has to come at the cost of security? 

This tool is available in two versions: With templates, and without templates. The version with templates includes updates to your existing approval email templates, to use the new one-click approval links. If you prefer to create your own links, you can find out how to do so, using the documentation/article, here