Download: reCAPTCHA Integration v1.0.0


CAPTCHA is an acronym (technically, a backronym) for "Completely Automated Public Turing-test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". Its' purpose is to (hopefully) quickly and (ideally) easily differentiate between actual human users, and computerized scripts or bots. The uses for this are vast and varied, but most organizations use them to ensure that the person submitting a given form is a person, not a bot. 

This application update set can be easily deployed into your instance, and provides you with easy configuration for a reCAPTCHA integration. 

  • The new Application Module: System Properties -> reCAPTCHA Settings, allows you to enter your site and private keys, obtainable from the Google reCAPTCHA site with just a few clicks.
  • A new Service Portal widget is also installed alongside a demo Service Portal page. This allows you to create an instance of the widget, and customize it for your own purposes. 
  • You'll also find a well documented GlideAjax script include is available, which facilitates easy creation of your own custom UI Macros or UI Pages which make use of this reCAPTCHA functionality, all of which pivot off the same set of properties you can set in the reCAPTCHA Settings page.