Usage - Single Record

Visit a record that is not tracked in update sets, and click on the Include in Update Set UI action from the Related Links section of the form. If the "include_in_update_set.update_record_before_capture" property is set to "true", then any changes to the record will be committed to the database. Afterward, the record will be captured in your update set, and a message will be displayed with the record name, your update set name (for confirmation) and a link to your update to verify. 

In order for the "Include in Update Set" UI action to show up as a related link on a given record, the following conditions must be met: 

  • Must not already be tracked in update sets
  • Table name must not begin with "wf_" or "sys_ui_". 
  • Table must not be one of those included in the "include_in_update_set.hide_on_tables" property.
    • This property can be modified from the System Update Sets -> Include in Update Set Properties module.
  • The user viewing the record must have the 'admin' role.

Usage - Bulk Include

In order to bulk-include records into your update set, simply visit the list view of a table that is not already tracked in update sets, tick the boxes next to each record you'd like to include, scroll to the bottom of the list, and select Include in Update Set from the list select UI action box.

Each record that's selected will be independently evaluated in order to ensure that it meets the same criteria as are required for a record to be forced to an update set on a one-by-one basis (that is, the same conditions as mentioned under the single record usage section above). 

Settings Configuration

Settings for the Include in Update Set tool can be found under System Update Sets -> Include in Update Set Properties, including a master on/off switch at the top so that you can easily disable the application if you find you no longer need it.