1. Download the XML file, and save it to your computer. If it is compressed, uncompress it until you have a file that ends in ".xml".

  2. If you have the high security plugin enabled, elevate privileges to the security_admin role.

  3. Navigate to System Update Sets -> Retrieved Update Sets.

  4. Click the Import Update Set from XML link at the bottom of the list.

  5. Click Choose File and select the XML file you downloaded, then click Upload.

  6. Commit the update set:

    1. Open the update set you just uploaded, from the list of retrieved update sets.

      1. You won't be able to sort by the "loaded" date necessarily, so you may need to search by name.

    2. If the update set has not been previewed already (if you don’t see the Commit Update Set button), click the Preview button.

    3. If there are any preview errors, you’ll have to tell the system how to handle them using the Preview errors related list.

    4. Click Commit Update Set.


That's all there is to it!
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