We're Writing a Book!

You may have noticed that we haven't posted a whole lot in the last few weeks. This is because I (Tim Woodruff, Owner/Founder of SN Pro Tips & The SN Guys) write the majority of the articles that show up here, and I've been directing my writing efforts elsewhere recently... 

We're Writing a Book! 

That's right, in case the title of this post didn't ruin the surprise, we are writing a book on ServiceNow Development and Administration in partnership with Packt Publishing, which has just been announced. This book is called "Learning ServiceNow" (ISBN 9781785883323), and it is geared toward the zero-to-medium-experience ServiceNow developer, and is meant to serve as both a complete guide to getting started with ServiceNow development and administration, as well as a knowledge-boost for any newer developers (say, devs with less than a couple of years of experience). 

I also intend to include a "pocket reference" type of document with some of the best Pro Tips you'll find in the book, as well as from this site! 

I just wanted to make sure our readers don't get the idea that we're going anywhere since we haven't released an article in a while. Once this book is published, we'll have some great new content coming your way, including some features from the book if we can! In the meanwhile, we hope to post a few quick Pro Tips here and there, but we hope you'll subscribe to stay tuned for our bigger, deep-tech articles, several of which we've already got lined up on the back-burner, including: 

  • The best way to perform a query in a nested loop
  • Creating a unique/one-to-one relationship in ServiceNow
  • A debugging series, including:
    • How to debug field visibility/mandatory/read-only state
    • client-side, and server-side javascript errors. 

In the meanwhile, feel free to check out our archive to review some of our other articles. As always, don't hesitate to contact us if you have a question or want to discuss how we can help your business with any ServiceNow-related needs. Thanks for reading! 

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