Chrome Extension: Load in ServiceNow Frame

Over a year ago, when I first launched this website, I posted some free versions of my earliest tools. One of the first little tools I posted, was the SN Frame bookmarklet. As with all tools on this site, we put it out there for free and without any advertising or other nasty stuff. Today, we've just released the latest version of this tool as a Google Chrome Extension. Read on for more info, or click that link to download the tool from the Chrome extension store. Alternatively, you can search for SN Framerizer on the Chrome extension store

I often find myself middle-clicking a link or otherwise opening links in ServiceNow in a "new tab" or "new window". This means that I often get pages that load just the content frame, without the ServiceNow frame. 

ServiceNow content frame without banner or application navigator

The ServiceNow frame is the header and side-bar that facilitate easy navigation around ServiceNow, and easy access to various useful UI elements. When you open a link in ServiceNow in a new tab, you lose this frame. Your options to get back into the ServiceNow frame, are to either manually modify the URL by adding to the URL after the domain, or to go back to your ServiceNow instance home page and start from scratch. 

Highly irksome

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier way to load the current page in the ServiceNow frame?
I think so too, so I wrote this little tool. It started as a bookmarklet, but this teeny little script tool has evolved over time, and now I'm happy to announce that you no longer need to open your bookmarks or reserve space on your bookmarks toolbar for this bookmarklet.

Instead, simply install the SN Framerizer app from the Extensions section of the Chrome web store. Once it's installed, be sure to drag the SN Framerizer icon (to the right of this paragraph) from your extension overflow area, to the block of icons to the right of your URL bar. Then, all you have to do is click this icon in your browser when you're on a frameless ServiceNow page, and it'll return you to the ServiceNow frame. Easy as that! 

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