Bookmarklet: Load the current page in the ServiceNow frame

I often find myself middle-clicking a link or otherwise opening links in ServiceNow in a "new tab" or "new window". This means that I often get pages that load just the content frame, without the ServiceNow frame.

ServiceNow content frame without banner or application navigator

The frame is the header and side-bar that facilitate easy navigation around ServiceNow, and often times I find that I don't need it. However, when I'm in a tab and don't want to lose my place, but I do want to get the sidebar back, I'm pretty much out of luck. My options then, are to either manually modify the URL with some weird string I can never remember, or to go back to my main ServiceNow instance home page and start from scratch.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier way to load the current page in the ServiceNow frame?
I think so too, so I wrote this little bookmarklet.

ServiceNow Frame

Click and drag that link up to your bookmarks bar or wherever you'd like to save it, and you'll have a handy little button that you can click to load whatever page you're on in ServiceNow, in the SN frame.