Easily Clone One User's Access to Another User

If you're a ServiceNow Admin, chances are you get lots of tickets from people asking you to grant or revoke access to this or that.
Sure, onboarding and offboarding, and some basic permissions work, can be automated -- but sometimes you just don't have a catalog item for what the user is requesting, so you have to do it manually.


So if you're like me, you get these tickets all the time: 

"Jerry doesn't have access to the same applications as the rest of our team. Please add him to whatever groups he requires to do his job. Nerd." 

Unless you're intimately familiar with Jerry's job, you're going to need some more information to go off of. I normally ask for the ID of another user whose access I can clone, and then open each profile on a separate monitor and go through each group one at a time. I once did 77 groups this way, for two separate users. It was a nightmare...

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