ServiceNow: Geneva & UI16 - What's new

Brace yourself. Geneva is coming. 

Personally, I'm excited - I like new things. I've always been the early adopter. But I know that not everyone is as gung-ho for the future as I am, so I thought I'd share some tips and tricks on ServiceNow's "Geneva", and the new, drastically overhauled "UI 16" that will be the new place where most of us ServiceNow developers spend our daily 8-12 hours. 

Note: This is part 1 of a 2-part series on ServiceNow's Geneva update. This part will focus on the interface, and stuff you're likely to run into on day 1, as well as basic stuff you'll need to know so you don't shoot yourself in the foot. A more in-depth exploration of the different process areas such as changes to Knowledge Management, Change Management, performance, security, and so on - is forthcoming. So subscribe, and stay tuned! 

Join me after the jump, and learn what's new in Geneva from the perspective of an admin, a developer, and a user - from the browser-based IDE and the new way to elevate permissions in high security mode, to the basics of navigation in the new world... of Geneva. 

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