ServiceNow Login Link Generator

Use the form to the right, to generate a bookmarklet link that you can drag into your bookmarks or bookmark bar. Clicking this bookmark will automatically log you into the instance you specify.

In the Bookmarklet text field, give the bookmarklet a useful name, such as ProdDev, or UAT. If you work for multiple companies, you might call it Company 1 - Dev, or something along those lines. 

You may choose to click Encode (once) to the right of either the username or password field (or both) to hex-encode their values before clicking Submit, which will generate the link. The link will appear just below the form itself. Note that encoding is not the same as encrypting, and you should ensure that your stored bookmarks are encrypted (such as with Google Chrome) if you're going to store your password in a bookmark.

Obviously you should not share this link with anyone, as it would log them in as you if they used it! It's up to you to determine if you want to use this login link or not. 

After generating the login link, just drag it to your bookmarks, or bookmarks toolbar folder. 

As you can see by inspecting the source code, this is a simple script that does not save or send any data to the server, or anywhere else. Your password will remain secure. Of course, entering your password into a webpage that is not the site that the password's for, is something you should always be hesitant to do - that's why I've written this tool entirely in pure, simple javascript, which you can inspect for yourself (and use if you prefer), over at the CodePen page

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